Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Black Bag Review

Through blog land I learned about a social shopping site called Little Black Bag - it is really a fun concept. For a subscription it is $49.95 per month for a subscription that you can cancel at anytime or $59.95 per month for a one time bag. I opted for the $49.95 option since I can cancel or skip a bag anytime I want. How it works is you choose one item, any item you want on the site! There are new items added every Monday and Thursday and you choose the 1st item and Little Black Bag stylists choose the other 2-3 items. For my 1st bag I was a little confused but I selected a purse worth $65 and they added two extra items in my bag. I traded one of the jewelry pieces for an iPhone case and selected ship my bag. Don't do that! For my second bag I selected a clutch and caught on that the trade is part of the fun. The starting bag:

The dry shampoo is a bonus item and one that everyone seems to want! I even had someone offer an iPhone cover for it. I didn't take it because I am getting an iPhone cover in my first Little Black Bag. I really need a good dry shampoo and am anxious to try it. I did trade the necklace and the bracelet for a variety of different items. My finished bag looks like this:

I have since gotten much better at trading in order to obtain larger bags. The true key is to not get too attached to any one thing that you ever have in your bag. If you decide to try it out and you use my LBB link I'd greatly appreciate it. Little Black Bag rewards you with a free item that is $25ish in value for all referrals.

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