Saturday, December 22, 2012

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly Review

The MAC Paint Pot in Painterly is my little miracle. I am relatively new to MAC cosmetics partly because I am shy when it comes to beauty counters. If the sales people don't acknowledge me and offer to show me what they have to offer I will move onto a counter that will. Now I believe that is just due to personalities of employees and I probably had some off days. I finally built up the nerve to tell the MAC counter to show me what they've got. Of course they said I needed an appointment and I didn't have time to make said appointment so I told her "thanks for you time but I have to go" and she said "well, what are you interested in?" and I said "I have no clue - what's good" the paint pot was the one thing (okay, one of the things) that I fell in love with. She put it on the inside corners of my eyes and immediately made me look well rested and 5 10 years younger. It really masked the blue in my skin and gave me a youthful glow. I haven't gone a day without it since I purchased it 2 months ago. It really is going to be a tough one for another company to beat. I am so satisfied with this little pot that I don't bat an eye at the $17.50 price tag. If I find a cheaper alternative, that is equally effective, I'll definitely consider swapping but right now I love this little pot of magic.

Rating 10/10

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Julep Maven Review - Cancelled

I love how cute they package their Maven Boxes. The downfall, it just wasn't worth $20 a month to me. If you decide to join I'd love it if you'd use this link  to Julep, for every 2 people that join I'll receive a free month. Maybe a free month would make me enjoy the subscription service better. Right now I just can't justify the cost for two bottles of polish and an extra.

November Birchbox

This is the box I received for November from Birchbox

Reviews of October Birchbox

Well it finally arrived! My October Birchbox finally arrived! I blame the long wait on Hurricane Sandy. I was getting worried but it finally made it. Here is a little blu-opinion of the products in my box.

I don't normally wear perfume. The fact that this bottle had a pump rather than the typical 'pull the plastic out' piece caused me to try it. It smells wonderful! It is a very soft, girly scent. I would consider purchasing this. I wish they had it in the roller-ball size or sold a multi pack of the smaller sized sample.

I really like the way this lip butter feels on my lips. Not too greasy and not at all sticky. I just wish it came in a tube so I didn't have to use my finger to apply it.
I received one of the yellow bags in my Birchbox and this picture makes it look like it is more than a zip-loc style bag. It isn't. It is just like a slider plastic bag. I don't reuse plastic baggies so this is cute but not worth anything to me. Maybe others love them, not me.

This hair tie is nice if you want to put your hair up for a little while and take it down mid-way through the day. There was some kinking but nothing compared to a regular snag free hair tie. The price point on these, $18 for 12 at Birchbox is too steep for me.

This dry shampoo smells great. The little packet (not what is shown above) was difficult to use. I typically use Suave Dry Shampoo that costs about $3 at the drugstore so I probably won't make the switch since it is not better than the Suave I use.

And saving the best for last (aka blu's favorite):

This I will buy. It is the most impressive highlighter I have ever used. It has a very unique shimmer that is also very impressive. I will definitely keep this one in my arsenal.

All photos were taken from Birchbox and all Birchbox hyperlinks will take you via my refer a friend code. If you sign up by following one of my links I will receive 50 points. I purchased this sample box on my own - nothing was provided for free.